My name is Adam J Sporka, I do research in human--computer interaction at the Czech Technical University in Prague, contribute to the medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance at Warhorse Studios as the designer of adaptive music, and develop multimedia technology for snow parks and wake parks via our start-up project http://www.net-o-peer.com. I am a passionate wakeboarder and snowboarder.

Recently I started composing, producing, and implementing music for computer games and other projects involving various media and spaces such as interactive stage design or disused shelters. Hear my music at my SoundCloud profile http://soundcloud.com/adam_sporka and the SoundCloud profile of our “distributed music band”, the Wasteland Wailers http://soundcloud.com/wasteland_wailers.

I resumed living in Prague after two years in the Alps at the University of Trento. I returned to my alma mater, Czech Technical University in Prague. While I was gone, my colleagues from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (where I got my MSc and PhD degrees under supervision of prof. Pavel SlavĂ­k) founded the Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction which I joined immediately after my return, just in time for the 09/10 summer semester. I collaborate with Sri Kurniawan of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

My main interest, among others, is the acoustic modality in HCI, especially the applications connected with music and the human voice, including various interfaces for interactive and adaptive music, music authoring and production. In Trento I was focusing on effects of personality traits on the communication with the machine (Marie Curie project ADAMACH, supervised by prof. Giuseppe Riccardi). With Sri Kurniawan we wrote a number of papers on Non-verbal Vocal Interaction (NVVI) which also was the topic of my PhD thesis. My MSc thesis was about 3D sound rendering. I am also focusing on the user interfaces for the elderly and the people with vision and motor difficulties.

This website is gradually becoming obsolete but I’m currently too busy with stuff that is happening to fix it. Sorry! My SoundCloud and twitter are currently the up-to-date source of information about my activities.

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