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This is the home page of the Thumb Calendar project. Please see below for downloads and licensing options. You are cordially invited to become a Thumb Calendar fan on Facebook and you are more than welcome to make a small contribution that will help cover the costs of web hosting. (Thanks to those who already did!)

How It Works

First half of the year is on one side of the card, the rest of the year is on the other. The field of numbers is shared among the six months on each side. The header of each month is appropriately aligned to show the actual days of the week.

  1. Find the month you want to read.
  2. Use your thumbs to cover the numbers that are not directly below (above) the month header.
  3. Note the color of the month header. The last day of the month is rendered in the same color.

Brief History

This effort started as my submission to Eliazar's Infodesign Challenge in 2007 which I happened to win. (Thanks Eliazar!) Since then I received a flattering number of comments, e-mails, and licensing requests from around the world. The calendar appeared on blogs written in many languages, including English, Spanish, and Japanese. ありがとう! Unfortunately I was not able to produce one for 2011 and 2013 but I am back for 2014. Please feel free to download and print a copy for yourselves!

2014 Design

2012 Design

2010 Design

2009 Design

Both sides of the card:

Thumb Calendar 2009 Edition

2009 English, Monday--Sunday weeks

2008 Design

Thumb Calendar 2008 Edition

Download 2008 version of the calendar:

Unbranded Edition. 12/30/07
Prague Philharmonic Choir Edition. 02/06/08
PPC Edition, Sunday-to-Saturday. 02/06/08

(4 calendars per A4 sheet, ready for cutting out and laminating.)

2007 Design


I am very proud and flattered that my design has been an inspiration for others. Here I will list all interesting designs based on Thumb Calendar.


You are very welcome to download and print as many copies as you wish as long as this is done for your personal purposes. Please contact me if you wish to use the design of the calendar commercially, e.g. to promote your company or institution. A range of licensing packages is available.

A one-year license to issue a branded version of Thumb Calendar has been already granted to the following entities:


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