I do research in human--computer interaction at the Czech Technical University in Prague, contribute to the medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance at Warhorse Studios as the designer of adaptive music (dynamic music), make music with my band called the Wasteland Wailers, and develop multimedia technology for snow parks and wake parks via our start-up project http://www.net-o-peer.com.

Where to go from here:

My music on SoundCloud

I have more than 100 tracks up of various genres.
→ see https://soundcloud.com/adam_sporka

Follow me on twitter

I am fairly active there.
→ see https://twitter.com/adam_sporka

My videos on YouTube

I recently started posting my music also on YouTube. Some have cool visuals!
→ see https://youtube.com/user/AdamJSporka

My research papers

I published quite a few papers about accessibility, assistive technologies, and audio interfaces. Most of them are neatly indexed by Google Scholar.
→ see https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=DoDzIRkAAAAJ&hl=en

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