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Gradrigo can be used as a chiptune VST as well as a audio generator for video games. It deserves multiple introductions, depending on whom it is being introduced to, as it comes in a number of forms:

  • For musicians: Gradrigo is a VST3 plugin to your favorite DAW (currently running on Windows 10), offering a number of built-in presets, providing an ample scale of Atari-esque sounds from the late 1970s with the characteristic slightly-out-of-tune dirt which will make its tracks stand out in your mix.
  • For sound designers: Gradrigo allows reproducing the classic arcade-style sounds from the old-school game consoles. Your sounds can be made parametric and one can modulate another. In this way, Gradrigo is more expressive than FMOD Studio or Wwise.
  • For game developers: Gradrigo is an audio middleware which is capable of running inside your game. It is available as a DLL with interface for C++ and Unity. The pieces of code that define the sounds can be executed from your game or their playback may be modified in real time. Check Gradrigo Test Game for an implementation example.

Gradrigo is a minimalist programming language. A few lines of code make sound effects and musical instruments.


  • Built-in tutorial
  • MS Windows
  • Other builds per request
  • VST3, Standalone app, .dll, .lib, MonoBehavior class
  • Source code available to larger projects


Gradrigo can be used for free for any purpose, including in commercial projects. I'll be happy to provide sound design tips, implementation, modifications of the core engine, and an extensive support as a hired consultant. Please feel free to message me on my social media with bug reports and simple how-to questions. To support further development, please consider becoming my patron.

Use of music rendered using Gradrigo for whatever purpose is permitted without restrictions under the conditions that "made using Gradrigo" is mentioned in description, annotation, credits, or similar metadata associated with the music or the media for which the music was utilized.


Audio Demo


Announcement Video

Gradrigo as Audio Middleware


A tutorial and a collection of presets come with your download.

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