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Music Design for Game Development Studios:
Strategies for meaningful adaptive music in video games


A new book about music design for game designers. They are the people who are most likely to be the first in a game studio to think about the music in their game. At some point, they bring a composer on board but at that point, many decisions about the game, that have a direct consequence on the style and behavior of music, are already set in stone.

The aim of this book is to equip the game desginers with knowledge on music design so that they can make better design choices before writing a brief for their composer. This is where the book differs from similar titles on the market who predominantly target the musicians.

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It often takes more than importing music and sound assets to your game to make it sound right.

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Specific projects will require tailored solutions which will need some research and development.

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doc. Ing. Adam Sporka, Ph.D., is a researcher, developer, and educator in game audio with special focus on interactive (adaptive) music and clients from the EU and USA. He is the author of a proprietary adaptive music middleware which drives the in-game music in Kingdom Come: Deliverance I and II (Warhorse Studios). As a composer, he contributed to the award-winning soundtrack of KCD I and his music will appear also in KCD II.

Adam teaches audio direction in video games at University of California, Santa Cruz, and game audio at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University (Prague). As a guest lecturer and mentor he collaborates with universities in the Czech Republic, France, and the UK. Adam has published more than 50 articles in proceedings of international conferences and academic journals. He can be reached by twitter @adam_sporka.

Adam Sporka
Adam Sporka

Clients and Partner Organizations

Warhorse Studios is a AAA game development studio based in Prague. My expertise helped the award-winning game Kingdom Come: Deliverance.
University of California, Santa Cruz is an important Silicon Valley educational institution. I teach audio direction.
Techland is a Polish AAA game development studio behind many games incl. Dying Light 2. I design and implement custom technologies for them.
Charles University is running a game development study program. My expertise is the foundation of their course on game audio.
devcom is one of the most important game development conferences in the world. I am a member of its Core Advisory Board.
Composers Summit is a renowned conference on music composition in Prague. I ran masterclasses on game music with Maclaine Diemer in 2023 and 2024.
Académie Militaire de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan is the elite university of French Army. I have trained the future military officers in interactive audio.
University of Edinburgh has invited me to present his expertise on game music design in a half-day workshop event.
Czech Technical University is regularly inviting me to teach their students basics of audio in video games.
Boardcubator is a publisher of tabletop games. I provided expertise related to implementation of their game companion phone application.
Modrak and Friends is a popular Czech podcast about video games. Its music-related episodes are recorded in a tight cooperation with me.
Prague Spring International Music Festival is a renowned classical music festival. My expertise contributed to some of its performances.


There are gifted programmers and gifted musicians. And then, there is Adam Sporka. He is both, in one person. Creating adaptive game music is a highly challenging task, and I am very grateful I could collaborate with Adam on the soundtrack for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Provided with 10 minutes and pen & paper, Adam is able to find the most suitable and effective solution for a complex technological problem. But even as a composer, he is able to deliver a catchy tune or an enchanting atmosphere, both fitting the situation perfectly. Such a combination of technological and artistic abilities is extremely rare. To me, it makes Adam one of a kind.

Jan Valta
Composer & Orchestrator, Warhorse Studios, Prague, Czech Republic

Adam co-wrote, arranged, and produced two songs for me, together with his colleagues from the Wasteland Wailers. He was able to provide original music and arrangement while deliver the genres based on the reference tracks, as well as to edit my voice recordings. I was very happy and pleased with his output. I wouldn't hesitate to recomend anyone to work with Adam.

Anneli Heed
Voice actor and singer, Stockholm, Sweden

Adam is a vision-driven scientist and engineer. Together, we developed a start-up idea of autonomous video-coaching platform for snowboarders and wakeboarders. He was able to design and implement the information technology aspects of the system which is now in a commercial operation. Adam has high ethical standards, an inspiring personality, and is fun to work with.

Jakub Franc
Director, UX & Technical Product Management, GoodData, Czech Republic and USA

The Overmare Studios is a global team of around 60 people, working on Ashes of Equestria, w a non-profit fandom-inspired video game. Adam is the leader of our Music Team. He and his team have produced songs and other in-game music contents which has been appreciated by many of our fans in over 2 million views on YouTube and SoundCloud. He is able to work with both engineers and audio artists and contribute in both domains.

Media Coverage

Vědec a houslista
Pavel Dobrovský, LEVEL 255, September 2015

Návštěva Warhorse II.
Score Magazine, September 2016

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